70 Eddy Street in Downtown Providence.
(behind City Hall and across from Big Nazo)

The showroom is now closed.
Thank you to all who came and visited!

Gallery Space Donated By:
Cornish Associates

Liz Keithline

Poster Photography:

Diana Whitten

Product Placement by Local Retailers:

Bowl and Board
festive table linens, mugs and napkin rings
217 Westminster Street

Cynthia Treen Studio
handmade appliqué red cross cushion
540 Mineral Springs Avenue, Pawtucket

Design Within Reach
akari freeform column lamp, sapien bookcase, chilewich mat
210 Westminster Street

polly & george teapot and a smattering of smashing stationery
717 Westminster Street


candelabra and vineau carafe & cup set
229 Westminster Street

mini color pencil set
220 Westminster Street

Symposium Books

litany of life-changing literature
240 Westminster Street

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Many thanks to our Volunteers:
John Curtin, Annie Kwon, Joy, Shannon Hurley, Joshua the Fish, Francois Baldassari,
Shane Farrell, Michelle Gantos, Alexis Howland.

This installation was produced in association with
the Rockefeller Conceptual Art Collection.


Photo: Table-scape scene greatly enhanced by kitchen accoutrements from Bowl & Board: a festive quilted table runner, a set of silk napkins with matching napkin holders and ceramic mugs.